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Prayer and Practice

You just need a jar!

This Lent Calendar is made for your use. It has weekly action items rather than daily so that the actions can be spread across the week or done on one day. 
Feel free to share with others or make a friendly competition!  
It is suggested designating a jar for donations.  Decide to fill the jar with coins (pennies, dimes, quarters) or dollar bills.  The point is not how much you give; it’s about being mindful and grateful for small things in your life that are not as readily available to others.  If you notice other things during the week that you are grateful for, feel free to drop another coin or bill into the jar.
When Lent is finished, donate the contains of the jar to an organization.  The organization that inspired this devotional is Samaritas ( and is an excellent organization.  Or you can donate to the church.   Or you can give to another organization of your choice.  What a blessing to wherever you would like to contribute.

God Bless You in your Lenten Journey!

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