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Two or Three on a Conference Call...

Many churches across the United States are, by necessity, going to virtual or electronic gathering. We at Mount Calvary are doing video and phone conference calls (more information click here) as a substitute for our Sunday worship. It feels strange. We are used to touching one another, hugging one another, but now...

Jesus walked the earth, the only way people could connect then was in person. That is the way scripture was written - through their own way of life, their own context. Any other way was unimaginable. The thought of being able to connect with another person either by phone or by video would be many years in the making for them.

But the thought crossed my mind - does it change how we gather? Is Christ there with us? Is God with us? We find the answer in Matthew 18:20 - "where two or three are gathered, I [Jesus] is there among them." The answer is yes. Whether we are able to touch one another or simply listen to our voices or see each other on a screen. Christ is there, God is there and, most importantly, we are there.

As the body of Christ, we are there for one another in this crisis. We are Jesus' hands and feet and eyes and ears. During this very unsettling time, we need to remember that. This crisis will pass, as all storms do. We will return to gathering together in-person. But while we are separated physically, we are all still together. We are the body to lift each other up - in person, by phone or video.

God Bless!

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